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HSC 2022 Admission Courses
  • Engineering Admission Private Batch 2022
  • মেডিকেল প্রস্তুতি প্রাইভেট ব্যাচ HSC 2022 (ফুল সিলেবাস)
  • ভার্সিটি + গুচ্ছ স্পেশাল প্রাইভেট ব্যাচ HSC 2022
  • Engineering Foundation Batch 2022 (Physics)
  • Admission Foundation Chemistry for HSC 2022 by Sakib-Sanjoy
HSC 2023 Academic Cycles
  • Beginner 2 Master Physics Batch for HSC 23
  • Chemistry Series Zero to Pro
  • Hasnat's Biology Academic to Admission
HSC 2021 Admission Courses

All Available Courses :

  • Engineering Physics
  • Engineering Chemistry
  • Engineering Math
  • Medical Biology

Key Features :

  • Complete Biology Classes for HSC & Medical Admission Test
  • A complete Dictionary Based on HSC Biology (both papers)
  • 1840+ Medical Standard MCQ
  • Realtime Scoring & Study Tracker
  • 600+ explainations of key words
  • Explaination Audio Podcast & full marked pdf of HSC Biology Books

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Md Nazmus Sakib

Md Nazmus Sakib

Chemistry Dept. Dhaka University
SME, 10 Minute School

Instructor of Chemistry

All Courses
Abhi Datta Tushar

Abhi Datta Tushar

Founder, RhomBus Parallel Science Hub

Instructor of Mathematics

All Courses
Hasnat Shuvro

Hasnat Shuvro

Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College (Undergraduate)

Instructor of Biology

All Courses
Mahir Asif

Mahir Asif

Former Lecturer, UDVASH
Founder, Maths with Mahir Asif

Instructor of Mathematics

All Courses
Md Rezaul Karim

Chowdhury Md Rezaul Karim

BA English (Hons), AUB
Founder, হ য ব র ল English

Instructor of English

All Courses
Tanmay Dhar

Emran Mostofa

Founder- Binary School

Instructor of Physics

All Courses

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